There’s no real audience for this blog, and I don’t do much to promote it on my own; I’m not targeting any specific demographic, political party, class, ideology, denomination, or “type” of person. I’m writing and posting for whoever wants to read what I write and post — it’s a tautology.

This site is an Amazon affiliate: 50% of all profits from Amazon-linked sales go toward the DC-based nonprofit Mattie Miracle Cancer Foundation, for which I serve as digital developer. All the remaining proceeds are used to maintain this site ad-free.

Reach out anytime. john[at]jrbenjamin.com.

90 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love your writing and commentary. Clever stuff.

  2. Keep writing. Cheers, Rita

  3. But this blog is part of the Web! However, it’s a strong and silvery strand that I’ll want to return to.

  4. elizabethweaver said:

    Remarkable and intense piece by McCleary. Good that you started the blog…hear hear to good advice!

  5. It is such a pleasure to see other writers doing what they love!!!

  6. Some good intelligent writing here. That’s always appreciated.

  7. A most interesting, thoughtful blog on a number of deep subjects. Yours is one I hope to delve into when I can be on the computer longer. I am subscribing to your site!

  8. I did enjoy your article on capital punishment, not boring at all (being myself a criminologist ;-), I look forward to exploring yours.

  9. …nice…

  10. I like your blog! You’re a great writer. Keep it up; I’ll be anxious to see where your work takes you.

  11. Thanks– great writing. I’m following your work now…

  12. Thank you JRB. I’m a bit excited by what you may share. I hope you won’t be offended or take me as some position pusher if I respond to what you may share. I’m fairly confident you will be someone to offer thoughts etc that will evoke good conflict. In myself certainly. – tim

  13. Love this.

  14. Hi, I’ve nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award –


  15. Thanks for stopping by and liking my pencils for my Solomon Grundy comic assignment!

  16. Oh yeah, also wanted to let you know that I found your article in the Virginia Policy Review well-reasoned and presented. I never considered the minority issue in the equation, but I feel like that would involve a deeper discussion into education and means, class stratification, etc. Good read!

  17. Nativegrl77 said:

    Thanks and enjoy!!!

  18. jagworks said:

    You are a gifted and intelligent word artist. I am always interested in juxtaposition of historical works (famous or not) on the now; acceptance is enrichment. Discovering your inventiveness with so many aspect of existence is a sweet treat. I look forward to more. Jullian

  19. Really, it’s okay to connect, perhaps even of service to others, which has value.

  20. Great stuff… Looking forward to the ride.

  21. Your blog is interesting and I like the first poem I read. I wish you good fortune and all the success in your future writing endeavours :3.

  22. I thought the speech you made to those graduating from university was beautiful.

  23. I look forward to your comments and also reading your posts. Tim

  24. Hey there! Listed your site for a Liebster Award on my blog… if you’re interested.

  25. danyulengelke said:

    Love the blog. Keep up the goodness-

  26. I have enjoyed the articles I have read here so far. Looking forward to the rest.

  27. Damn, you’re good! I’m looking forward to reading your blog for some time to come.

  28. Love your site…

  29. Loved your speech on College. Moved me to tears.

  30. I’m looking forward to more of your postings! 🙂

  31. Miss Molly said:

    I don’t agree with your advisor. It would be a shame to think that being published on the web is what it takes to be “somebody.” But I like your writing, and I say thanks for following my Technology Road Trip. Glad to have you along for the ride!

  32. Your site is fantastic. Thanks for your work…

  33. This is a tangled web we weave…

  34. That’s why I started my blog, too (without the encouragement from a professor, that is!). Just wanted to pop over and say thanks! 🙂

  35. pi314chron said:

    What a thrill to find a fresh, new writing style in the clogosphere…er…I mean blogosphere. 🙂 Will be exploring your posts from now on. I wish you the very best in whatever endeavor you choose.

  36. I discovered James Fenton thanks to you! Am I embarrassing you?



  37. dreamsonthehill said:

    Hear, Hear!

  38. I liked your deep sensation which translated to beautiful words ..

  39. I really admire what you are doing in your blog; I look forward to reading past and future posts. Thank you for your insights… each post enlightens all of us.

  40. Your work is absolutely brilliant. I loved ‘College, Life’ as much as anything I’ve ever read.

  41. I really liked the way you have named your blog and the manner you write. Both seems so ‘oxymoronish’. I have gone through some of your work and love to read more…

  42. Hey man, what are you studying at university? Great blog.

  43. I’m impressed by the breadth and depth of the thinking and writing you’re taking on here.

  44. Your review of the Great Gatsby is absolutely hilarious. So freakin’ funny man. Thanks for posting it and I wish you all the best.

    You’re a talented guy. Keep it up.

  45. You’re writing is some of the most inspiring I have ever read. I read your ‘College, Life’ speech to my mother (who is in the hospital with terminal cancer), and we were both weeping by the time I got to the final sentence. I have since sent it to about everyone I know, and I cannot thank you enough for it.

    When my mother was listening to your speech, I could see the emotions and memories of years melting through her eyes. It was the most profound experience I have ever had with her. Your insight into life in that speech is more powerful than that of any of similar publication. It it, quite simply, one the most beautiful thing I have ever read.

    I would love to talk to you about more of your work, and possibly refer you to be interviewed by the Syracuse Student Newspaper…

  46. Your site is incredible. One of the smartest websites I know of. Your review of Great Gatsby is hilarious…

  47. I find your blog fascinating and will return to read again and again. Regards.

  48. To agree with the rest of these, yours is the most interesting and well-written blog I’ve found in some time. Thanks for not being boring or self-indulgent, and thanks to your Georgetown professors too.

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