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Whether you’ve been a reader of this blog for two and a half years or just found it today, I have a request. I want you to buy yourself a book.

It doesn’t matter what book. Could be my favorite one. Could be the one that made me laugh the most, or that one that almost made me cry. It could be that one you let your roommate borrow 8 years ago and want to leaf through again, or that other one you’ve had sitting in your Amazon cart since Christmas. Really, it’s up to you.

I’m asking because I’m now an Amazon affiliate.

This means I can earn a small fraction of any purchase made on Amazon through any link on my site. What’s more, if you want to throw in a new cell phone charger, umbrella, or some laundry detergent into your cart, I’ll get a small cut of that, too. The only thing you need to do is make your way to Amazon through any Amazon link on my site, then make a purchase of whatever you want regardless if I linked to it directly. The price of your items won’t change.

I started this site in September 2012 for a few reasons. I wanted a place to ventilate ideas that are important, evergreen, and often submerged in the day-to-day, and to hone my thinking and writing in the process. But more critical was the sense that there wasn’t a comparable website – an outlet that presented heavy ideas from history, politics, and philosophy in a multimedia-integrated, visually rich and accessible way – on the internet. I still believe that, and that intuition has been partially borne by the Bully Pulpit’s growth. I’ve never spent a minute promoting it, and The Bully Pulpit is now read by roughly 25,000 monthly readers, not including a 6,000-person email list. 93% of posts are shared on social media.

For a site that is just a daily, not hourly or by the minute, broadcast of relatively dense stuff, those numbers aren’t bad – and they keep growing. Thank you for that.

So if you care about having a resource like this (ad-free, I freely add), show your support for it by buying something for yourself and shelf. If you make purchases repeatedly off Amazon, please do them through a link on here.

And drop me a line if you do (john[at]jrbenjamin.com). I’d appreciate hearing about what book you picked up.