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Charlie Hebdo cover

Interviewer: You hear the excuse that the Muslim community is not integrated into the larger French community, they’re stuck out in the banlieues. But is that really the cause of this terror?

Douglas Murray: It has nothing to do with whether you like the suburb you live in or not, whether you’re rich or whether you’re poor. Most of the terrorists who have been coming from Britain in recent years: very well off.

The man who tried to bring down a plane over Detroit: a student at University College London, millionaire Nigerian family.

The man who decapitated your colleague at the Wall Street Journal, Daniel Pearl, ten years ago: very well off, private school educated, London School of Economics.

I’m fed up with people trying to give excuses to the terrorists that the terrorists themselves have not asked for.


A quick section from Douglas Murray’s interview with the Wall Street Journal, given the day of the Charlie Hebdo massacre.