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Ireland - Barbed Wire

Someone is always praying as the plane
Breaks up, and smoke and cold and darkness blow
Into the cabin. Praying as it happens,
Praying before it happens that it won’t.
Someone was praying that it never happen
Before the first window on Kristallnacht
Broke like a wine glass wrapped in bridal linen.
Before it was imagined, someone was praying
That it be unimaginable. And then,
The bolts blew off and people fell like bombs
Out of their names, out of the living sky.
Surely, someone was praying. And the prayer
Struck the blank face of earth, the ocean’s face,
The rockhard, rippled face of facelessness.


“Unholy Sonnet #9” by Mark Jarman, pulled from his stunning collection Unholy Sonnets.

The picture was taken in New Ulm, Texas. Some other favorites from Jarman, who is not only one of the most profound lyric and narrative poets writing but also an occasional reader of this blog, are below:

Mark Jarman