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1. See me interviewed by the BBC. Tune into BBC World News or BBC News Hour Radio today to see/hear an interview with me about the upcoming 50th anniversary of the John F. Kennedy assassination. I discuss how young people are essentially clueless about who John F. Kennedy was, how the myth of “Camelot” has clouded over the man, and why the media’s discussion of this somber anniversary is mere persiflage: a convenient use of an anniversary (always a nice journalistic peg) to open into broader and baseless musings about what’s happening today.

2. Follow me on Twitter. In honor of today’s Twitter IPO, I have put the link to my twitter page on the sidebar. I tweet about worthwhile things, rarely take pictures of my food, and also link back to important articles on this site. Follow, if you want. I will follow you back; I will be your biggest fan; I will love you forever if you do.

3. The map above is of theBullyPulpit’s site views as of this morning. 13 months. 143 countries.