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As part of our final project for one of my classes, we were tasked with creating a ~5 minute video advocating for a policy that is both reasonable and feasible. My professor, Mark Rom, instructed that we make these videos as persuasive as possible, and use arguments that appeal to relatively universal political values. You be the judge of how well I did that.

The policy for which I advocate here is that of extending the current National Instant Criminal Background Check system for verifying citizens who purchase guns. In other words, it’s a pretty straightforward idea: a mere reworking of the standards that we now have in place. I’ve been working on this particular policy the entire semester, so six minutes of video can’t go into full detail as to why it’s both sensible and still bipartisan (adjectives that no longer coexist in the same sentence), but this clip should be an informative, and hopefully entertaining, introduction.

(Apologies for the sub-par sound: the microphone they gave me for voice-overs was made in 1956.)