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Amos Oz

“…Israel is a special fascination for fanatics all over the world, possibly because it was born out of a dream. And the magnitude of a dream created unrealistic expectations from Israel. Israel is expected to achieve world record in high jump morality. It is expected by some people to be the most Christian nation in the world, if not the only Christian nation in the world in terms of turning its other cheek to an enemy. It is expected to perform as a universal role model in morality. It cannot live up to those expectations, not in a state of everlasting conflict. Unfortunately Israel’s moral standard in its conflict with the Arabs, with the Palestinians, is sinking lower and lower. But certainly these are not the world record in morality.

Fanatics are quick to jump on Israel. If Israel is not a sample state. If Israel is not a light unto the nations, let there be no Israel…”


From Amos Oz’s recent speech on Fanaticism, Israel, and Palestine.

Read Saul Bellow’s take here: What you do know is that there is one fact of Jewish life unchanged by the creation of a Jewish state: you cannot take your right to live for granted. Others can; you cannot.