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“After all we are only human beings down here and we could do with a lot more praise and comfort than we actually get. Earthling reassurance — it’s in permanently short supply, don’t you think? Be honest, brother. Lady, now tell the truth. When was the last time a fellow-Earther let you rest your head on their heart, caressed your cheek, and said things designed to make you feel deeply okay? It doesn’t happen often enough, does it. We’d all like it to happen a lot more often than it does. Can’t we do a deal? Oh boy (I bet you’re thinking), that head-on-heart stuff, whew, could I use a little of that.”


To help you over the mid-week blues… some words spoken by John Self in Martin Amis’s hilarious novel Money: A Suicide Note. Can’t we do that deal?

The picture was taken this summer in Thailand, as our plane banked into the island airport at Ko Tao.