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Ireland - Inch Beach

Down the milky corridors of fog, starless scenery, the
rubble  of  ocean’s  breath, that  lone figure  strolling,
gathering about him without  shame  a small flood of
damages,  concessions to  a  frailty  that was his long
before he knew what he must do or what he must be,
and now, with his hand outstretched as if to greet the
future,  he  comes  close  and  pours  out  to  me  the
subtlety of  his  meaning, and  I see him, my long-lost
uncle, great  and  golden  in  the sudden sunlight, who
predicted that  he would  reach over  the years and be
with me and that I would be waiting.


“Almost Invisible”by Mark Strand.

The photograph was taken at Inch Beach, on the Dingle Peninsula in southern Ireland. There, the water sometimes washes back for a mile during afternoon low tide.