Woods with FocusIn its seven short days of life, this blog has grown up a bit.

I’m encouraged by the messages and comments I’ve already gotten from people (from as far away as the Philippines and Brazil), and I hope to do more to attract such generous attention. I do, however, want to first lay out a plan for this website, a program for how I’d like this thing to develop, and a sketch of what you can expect here. To be clear, I was urged to make this site by my advisor at Georgetown, who informed me that, in this age of social media, if you’re not publishing yourself, or being published by others, you’re nothing. (For the record, my stuff has been published by other people. See my article in the Virginia Policy Review if you enjoy being bored to death, or just happen to be really interested in the historical and legal nuances of capital punishment policy.)

So here’s what jrbenjamin.com is for: to showcase my writing and some of the more fluent, amusing, and forceful words that inform how I think and what I write. I’m not doing this for anyone in particular. Since, unlike a magazine or channel, there is no discernable audience for this blog – and I do nothing to promote it on my own – I’m not targeting any specific demographic, party, denomination, class, ideology, subset of people or selection of the population. I’m writing and posting for whomever wants to read what I write and post: it’s a tautology.

If you don’t like my stuff, there are innumerable other voices out there, begging for your attention. If you happen to like what I say, and how I say it, then stay awhile – you can have my most comfortable chair. I want this conversation to go on.

But this is a channel for me to broadcast my work. And the basic content of this network is what I write and what others whom I admire have written, stated or created. Now the ratio of these two elements is important, and I hope to make it something like one to three. Three or so excerpts, essays, articles, speeches, videos or songs for each piece I publish. I plan to post something everyday, at least until I run out of some things. I’ll never post just to fill the space; everything on here is going to be worthwhile — at least in my humble opinion.

So take a seat, stay awhile.


The photograph was taken near Sheen Falls, in Kenmare, Ireland.