I considered how to begin.

I considered how to begin this blog. I thought about starting with something iconic and accessible, maybe a picture of James Dean lounging in faded jeans or Muhammad Ali bouncing about in the ring. I considered posting a poem by William Blake or pasting a paragraph by Saul Bellow. I thought about a YouTube clip, perhaps of a glimmer of rhetorical brilliance from Christopher Hitchens, or a measured reflection from Tim Keller, or even that scene in Good Will Hunting where Robin Williams talks about smelling the Sistine Chapel. I considered linking to Chomsky’s debate with Buckley on Firing Line in ’68, or to a song by Dylan, maybe that one live recording of Tangled Up in Blue. I considered all these things.

I considered, in other words, giving you something you could have already gotten yourself.

I intend this blog to be a place of reflection – a tiny corner of the infinite internet wilderness that’s set apart strictly for my own thinking. I intend this to be a place for collaborators, co-thinkers, contrarians, comrades, connoisseurs, and, above all, friends.

This is for those who want to disentangle themselves from the Net. This is for you, good reader, waiting whenever you want to unwind yourself from the Web.


The photograph was taken at the Dead Sea, in Israel, near the Jordanian border.